Speak Their Language To Sell Social

10 Mar
March 10, 2011

It’s no secret that a great deal of resistance to social comes from senior management of some businesses. Entrenched ways of thinking and approaching business, methods that have “always worked”, or a leadership that has been incumbent for many many years.

I hear a lot of people talking about the need to have senior management talking the new language of social media. I don’t agree necessarily.

While it is a fact that social can’t be ignored as a channel, why is it that you need to have those above speak your language in order to get it? If you understand it and the value it can provide, then you should be able to put it in their language.

The key to aiding understanding of anything, not just social, is justification and example. Theory alone is not enough, because management practice is full of theory.

If you can demonstrate meaningful results that are being achieved and show HOW they were achieved, then you are some of the way there.

Think about which of these statements is more powerful:

  • “We need to be using social media”
  • “We need to be using social media because our competitor is”
  • “Our competitor generated an extra $10,000 sales this week through offers to their Facebook community. I think it’s something we should explore”

It’s the last one, obviously.

Start with a result, and make it tangible. Speak in their language, know what pushes their buttons. Is it sales? Is it leads? Is it customer service? Find the sweet spot and provide evidence. Show them HOW it’s done.

PHOTO – Arjen Stilklik

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