Why Optus’ Campaign About Lower Roaming Charges Hits The Mark

16 Dec
December 16, 2013

I always like to highlight clever business and customer relationship stories, and I thought this latest offering from Optus was very well executed.

Providing value to customers is the biggest imperatives on business these days, so for customers who use their phones internationally, some action on global roaming rates is a welcome relief.

The message itself could have easily been delivered in an SMS alert of a letter – both of which will have no doubt been thrown out or deleted pretty quickly.

But Optus have decided to go one step further and add some more value on top of it, delivering inside the unbranded packaging an all country travel power adaptor, one of this truly essential items that you always seem to have to remember to buy at the airport.

Perhaps most importantly, and ensuring its relevance, is that it was targeted. My wife had travelled internationally a number of time recently, and is also a business customers, so it makes sense that she would get it. I haven’t been overseas for a while, so didn’t receive it. And given that fact, it would probably be wasted on me in any case.

On a scale they would have sourced them on, this would have been a reasonably costly exercise. But for the customer, it’s a branded piece of utility that will remind you of that time they lowered your roaming rates.

It’s a very smart piece of relationship building.