Facebook Makes It Easier to Share Liked and Saved Links

28 Nov
November 28, 2015

UPDATE: This was announced by Facebook as a feature test in the US back in May, according to this TechCrunch article, however the implementation looks to have evolved. 

While posting an update this evening, I noted a new addition to the options available in the Facebook mobile app for iOS that allows you to add liked or saved links to a status update.

The Link icon is right in between the Tag and Activity icons, which brings up a list of your recently liked (don’t judge…) and recently saved links, as well as links from your newsfeed.

Facebook Add Link Button

Links become an option alongside tagging, activity and location

The first two make sense – if you’ve liked or saved a link then there is a good chance you will want or may eventually find it interesting enough to share.

Newsfeed links probably make less sense given you haven’t read them yet, but you do have the option to view it. To me this seems more a case of finding something to post for the hell of it.

I’m not sure how widely the feature is available or if this is just in testing, and at this stage I can only see it on the iOS app. But I think it’s an interesting addition given the number of links we like each day.

It also serves to surface content that you may have saved and forgotten about, again, handy when curating content.

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